Kacper Bagiński
Team Manager

He has been a personal trainer for 6 years. He was physical culture and fitness trainer in many prestigious fitness clubs in Warsaw and Gdańsk. He got a master's degree in administration. Since 2006 he has been cooperating with many clients. It allowed him to familiarize with requirements and expectation that a personal trainer has to cope with. On the basis of long-standing experience in fitness business and in response to growing demand for fitness trainers, as well as deficiency of well educated professionals, he decided to work on the Mypersonaltrainer project with a group of people who will manage to cope with even the most exordinary expectations. The team consists of certified trainers whose experience, efectiveness and knowledge guarantee that they are the best. Selection was made to face up everything that a client may expect, not only to fulfill training and feeding expectations but also to provide the best motivation possible.

Mariana Różycka

Personal trainer. Her first sport discipline was karate kyokushin. She practised it for 5 years. Karate has thought her discipline and mental concentration as well as toughness. After that she became fascinated with silhouette fitness, dietetics, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Fitness has become her passion. Thanks to it, she managed to loose weight and build perfect body. She takes part in bikini fitness contests. She graduated from Lviv Polytechnic National University and Warsaw University of Technology. She has been working as a personal trainer for a few years. She has gained her experience working with the biggest fitness clubs in Poland. She is constantly learning new things by attending courses and trainigs for dieteticians and fitness trainers. She also trains pole dance, she is intersted in functional trianing. She says: "Fitness and physical culture are my biggest passions, it is my style of living and part of me".

Marcin Zając

Personal trainer, swimming trainer and physical culture trainer. He has been connected with sport since he was a child. It all started from swimming. He was very successful, so he decided to go to the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He graduated in 2011. While studying he got interested in fitness and physical culture. That is why he chose to be a fitness trainer rather than a P.E. teacher. He worked in Calypso fitness club in Warsaw. Every day he works with people of different age. He has to take care of their figures and help them defeat their weaknesses. He has gained experience necessary to be a personal trainer. In his work he uses latest training methods, for example Kettlebells, TRX and functional training. He is patient and tenacious. He has also a great sense of humour. He can encourage his clients to work hard and to run healthy lifestyle. He is interested in music, football and swimming.

Daniel Dernałowicz

He is certified personal trainer but he has also a degree in human nutrtion and consumer science. At present he is studying dietetics. He has been interested in silhouette sport for 7 years. For several years he has been working with one of the biggest fitness club chains in Poland. He attends many training courses. Thanks to his everyday work he has been gaining lots of experience. He is characterized by individual attitude towards every person. He concentrates on correct exercising technique. He can not only motivate his trainees to exercise but also to change their lifestyle and diet! In his free time he likes snowboarding, playing volleyball, football and fishing.

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